HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swellings or tumors which originate from a dilatation or varicosity of the veins of the anal margin, anal canal and lower part of the rectum.

We can define hemorrhoids as follows:

A condition of progressive varicosity affecting one or more radicles of the hemorrhoidal veins, and tending toward mild interstitial inflammation, fibrosis, and spontaneous cure, but which may be complicated by thrombosis, infection and ulceration.

The word hemorrhoid us derived from the Greek word 'aiva' (blood) and the word 'poia' (flow) The word pile is derived from the Latin word 'pila' (ball).

Since all hemorrhoids do not bleed, but all are associated with swelling, the latter is actually the more descriptive of the two terms. Hemorrhoids however is the more popular term.

The two terms are synonymous and have come to signify the disease itself, and are generally understood to mean a varicose vein or veins of the anal margin, anal canal, or lower part of the rectum.