Prevention of hemorrhoids

Regardless of the method of treating hemorrhoids, it is necessary to use preventive measures in conjunction with any radical method of treatment if best and lasting results are to be expected.

The prevention of hemorrhoids demands a moderate, digestible diet, and the avoidance of alcoholic stimulants, condiments, spices or highly seasoned foods.

Recommended foods are fruits and vegetables and whole grain products which are all fiber-rich.

Regular habits should be established a definite time of day for bowel movement, sufficient amount of rest and exercises to maintain muscular tone; the avoidance of drastic purgatives; the removal of all sources of pressure on the rectal veins, such as abdominal tumors, enlarged prostate, displaced uterus and so forth.

Pregnant women should be warned to guard against constipation. Liberal exercise and regular habits should be partictilarly enforced during this time. Purgatives such as calomel, rhubarb, aloes,
etc., should not be taken. See your doctor for advice and medication. With all purgatives that fact remains that these should be discontinued as soon as constipation can be controlled by diet and regular habits.

Change in occupation may be necessary where there are long hours of standing or where the patient leads a sedentary life with little exercise.

"Cleanliness is next to godliness." In no disease is cleanliness more needed and more important than in the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids. In the otherwise well-groomed and scrupulously clean person, it is not uncommon to find the perineum and anal region sorely neglected.

The use of toilet paper after defecation cannot effectively remove the fecal remains that adhere to the skin around the anus. Frequently small abrasions of the parts are produced and it is anything but hygienic. A much better plan would be to wash the parts with soap and water, or using wet wipes. The value of daily bathing is freely acknowledged by all as being an all-important contribution to general health, and this applies more particularly to this region.